7300 Oleander Avenue PSL, FL 34952 Telephone: 772-466-4100

About Us

Expert Care

At Port St. Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center, our professional staff gives each resident the care and attention they need 24 hours a day. Our highly experienced staff includes registered nurses who have earned a 5 star rating from CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).  Rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, I.V. and wound care therapy are also available here, as are counseling services to help residents and their and families adjust to, and accept, new lifestyle changes.

Admission Policy

It is our policy to provide support to the resident and the family on admission. Our Social Service department is equipped to handle all the needs of our residents and their families.  Upon admission, evaluations and assessments are done by our trained staff to ascertain our resident’s physical, emotional, psychological, and social needs.  PSLNRCC’s quick admission response allows acceptance of patients 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Admission decisions will be made within one hour of inquiry by contacting 772-466-4100.

Preparing for Admission

• Be prepared to sign admission forms.  These include a financial screening with our financial counselor.  If you need help, have your representative, power of attorney, or family member available to work with us prior to your admission. If you have any Special Directive documents, bring them with you so we may make copies for our records.

• Bring all Medical Insurance cards so we may verify your insurance and coverage. Please include any commercial and long-term care insurance cards/plans you have, such as Mdicare Part D, Medicare A & B, Medicaid, Blue Cross, AARP, HMO, PPO’s, etc.

• Bring clothing: sneakers or rubber-soled shoes, socks, undergarments, comfortable slacks or other clothing with a stretch waist. Tops can have long or short-sleeves, but also bring sweaters or jackets for changes in temperature.  You may also want your own personal care items.

• Laundry may be done here, or you may wish to make private arrangements. Please note that we use institutional-type washers and dryers; therefore, delicate fabrics should not be washed. Please label all clothing.

• A barber and hairdresser are available on-site, by appointment, for your convenience.

• You may participate in the many recreational activities, which are posted and announced daily.

• Meals are served in the dining room. Guests’ meals are available with advance notice.  Please register guests at the reception desk.

Comfortable Clothing: Shirts/blouses • Sweaters/jackets • Bras • Pants/shorts (elastic waists and easy closure) • Underwear (1 week supply) • Socks (1 week supply) • Jogging/sweat suits • Pajamas/night gowns • Robes • Shoes with non skid soles

Reminder of Home: Pictures • Hobby items • Stationery/address book/stamps • Bedside Clock

Personal Items: Shampoo • Deodorant • Toothbrush and toothpaste • Comb/hair brush • Razor  Although we provide these items, you may wish to bring your own personal brands.

Other Items: Hearing aids and batteries • Makeup • Dentures & denture supplies (if needed) • Cane/walker • Eyeglasses • Wheelchair


What NOT to bring: Medicine (prescription or over the counter) • Valuables (jewelry) • Credit cards • More than $30 cash

Discharge Policy

We also assist families when arrangements for home care are necessary. It is respectfully requested that the facility be given at least a three (3) days notice on all discharges.

Comfort, Respect, Dignity

These are elements that we not only require, but expect. This is our philosophy at Port St. Lucie Nursing and Restorative Care Center, and you can feel it as soon as you walk through our doors. We believe that focusing on these elements has been vital to our success and good reputation over the years.